The DCM business aims to provide solutions by leveraging its knowledge and insight of the debt capital markets in India. These are , coupled with robust distribution and structuring capabilities. Our work in Debt capital markets encompasses managing, structuring, and placement of listed/unlisted corporate bonds. and It has actively contributed to the deepening of the DCM markets in India. The desk has successfully managed several debt issuances including plain vanilla bonds and structured transactions to that address the meet the specific requirements of the clientele and projects.
We specialize in providing bespoke financial solutions through the following debt capital market offerings:
  • Conventional Corporate bonds

    We provide financing solutions to corporates and financial institutions to meet their business requirements such as Capital Expenditure, Long Term Working Capital, Refinancing and other corporate purposes.
  • Short- term Financing

    We provide short term financing products such as Commercial Paper issuances and Structured Bridge financing instruments.
  • Credit Enhancement Structures

    We provide tailor made solutions using various credit enhancement mechanisms such as Third Party Guarantee, Holdco Guarantee, DSRA Guarantee, Partial Credit Enhancement, First Loss Guarantee thereby increasing the credit worthiness assuring a diverse investor base.
  • Securitiszation

    Our securitization solutions extend across a wide range of asset classes, including consumer loans of all types, Real Estate holdings and future flows of stable cash streams through a wide array of solutions like Pass Through Certificates (PTCs), Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS), Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) and Receivable Discounting structures.
  • Collateraliszed lending

    We provide innovative financing solutions for Corporates against collateralized securities such as Capital Market instruments and Real Estate.
  • Mezzanine funding

    We provide customized solutions to corporates and financial institutions through Subordinated Debt and Quasi-equity instruments.
  • Acquisition Finance

    We enable corporates to identify the optimal financing solution for acquiring the target company with the use of debt, equity and hybrid financing techniques.

Debt Capital Markets:

Every organisation requires the desired skill set and expertise to tap the robust capital markets for its funding needs. Our DCM business not only takes positions on hold in our proprietary book, but also places debt with a host of partners.
The DCM business has established wide and deep distribution relationships with a gamut of financial institutions and mutual funds, along with partnerships with insurance companies and pension funds for long-term instruments

Loan Syndication

Our Loan Syndication & Advisory team provides holistic solutions to corporate clients for their projects, acquisitions, and general corporate requirements thereby syndicating corporate debt across sectors as diverse as manufacturing, infrastructure, health-care, hospitality, logistics, IT Parks etc. with a multitude of lenders across the lending spectrum.
We syndicate term loans, project finance, working capital and other credit lines, non-fund based facilities, etc., by partnering with the lenders of such products. Our loan syndication portfolio consists of project finance in the green field, brown field and last mile financing stages, acquisition and structured finance, finance for general corporate purposes, mezzanine loans, subordinated debt, securitisation of receivables, external commercial borrowings, buyer’s credit, bank guarantees, bill discounting lines, letters of credit, etc.
Our excellent relationships with a wide range of public and private sector banks, developmental & other financial institutions, NBFCs, IDFs, and all partners in the lending space, allow us to create and offer tailor-made debt solutions for your company in a cost-effective and timely manner.
The collective skills of the team in appraising project finance proposals, structuring working capital needs, tying up foreign currency or non-fund based facilities, structured finance etc., within committed timelines, have helped in creating exclusive solutions for our niche customers.

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